Tracking is available for customers in the US and Canada, as well as selected European countries. We are working continuously to improve our shipping service to allow order tracking for more destinations. 
For details regarding your order status and shipping, please send an email with subject line "Order Status" to with your full name or order number.
If your tracking code does not work or if you did not receive a tracking code, please await patiently for your order (estimated shipping time: 12-19 days) or Contact Us for further information.


My package arrived but not all parts of the order were included! Where is the rest?
As we coordinate with various suppliers and warehouses for our collections, unfortunately some items will be shipped out separately. However, we try our best to arrange the shipping times so that the packages all arrive near the same time. If only one part has arrived, rest assured the remaining of your order is not far behind :)

Thank you for your understanding!